Philip Lenz
Ph.D. Student, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Advisor: Andreas Geiger
I am working on object tracking for autonomously driving vehicles. My research interests are focused on optimal object tracking for highly crowded traffic scenes.
Miriam Schönbein
Ph.D. Student, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Advisor: Andreas Geiger
Abhilash Srikantha
Ph.D. Student, University of Bonn
Advisor: Jürgen Gall
Humans have an unmatched capability to locate objects in spite of varying scale, pose, shape, colour and texture. How can one impart this intelligence into computers? In this regard, I am currently looking at efficient methodologies for object detection.
Anne Thaler
Ph.D. Student, MPI for Biological Cybernetics
Advisor: Betty Mohler
The goal of my research is to understand visual factors that contribute to one’s representation of the physical body. I am using the novel technology of biometric-based avatars provided by the MPI for Intelligent Systems to study mechanisms related to body representations in healthy people and its distortions in eating and weight disordered individuals.
Dimitrios Tzionas
Ph.D. Student, University of Bonn
Advisor: Juergen Gall
My research is related to hand tracking, and interaction between two hands with articulated objects
Scenes from Video Workshop, Barossa Valley, Australia, Dec. 10-13, 2013
New BMI visualizer on-line. Visualize your BMI and learn how BMI relates to body shape using our 3D body visualization tool.
The 3D shape of the human body is useful for applications in fitness, games and apparel. Accurate body scanners, however, are expensive, limiting the availability of 3D body models. We present a method for human shape reconstruction from noisy monocular image and range data using a single inexpensive commodity sensor (the Kinect).