Our video capture facility consists of a camera capture system supplied by 4DView Solutions that allows synchronized video recording with several cameras. Currently, we have 12 independent 4 megapixel cameras that can be operated in various modes. Ranging from full resolution at nearly 60fps, to lower resolutions at 200fps. A single recorded multi-camera video sequence can take up to 30TB of compressed or uncompressed video data. Img_1188

A series of Linux PCs drive the cameras over gigabit ethernet. The cameras themselves are mounted on high quality Manfrotto™ tripods and magic arms, to allow complete freedom of configuration within the lab itself. 4 large flourescent lamps provide static, consistent lighting to the performance space which is surrounded by a classic greenscreen curtain. 4DViews provide an extensive software suite for viewing the raw camera footage and managing the whole system, and a local, high performance NAS appliance serves 40TB of online storage.

We aim to use the system to capture all aspects of human motion.