In our Body Lab, we house a full body 3D stereo capture system, custom built by 3dMD. At time of installation, it was both the largest and highest resolution system of it's kind in the world. The aluminium frame has 22 modular, medical standard scanning units. Each of those contains a pair of stereo cameras for computing shape and geometry, utilising either one or two speckle projector units and a single 5 megapixel colour camera for capturing texture. A series of flash units illuminate the subject during capture. 5 Windows based PCs control the camera pods and communicate over gigabit ethernet and internally via Firewire 800. The camera pods are fired via a serial circuit, ensuring perfect timing control between the two 'halves' of the system.

The subject stands in the centre of the system, on a custom designed multiple-height plexiglass platform. Capture takes a fraction of a second, and the system can fire several times per minute. Scans are processed by an in-house developed queue system. It takes between 5-8 minutes for a scan to be rendered from the source images and texture data, and can be output in a wide range of standard formats for further processing. The system's operator has a full view of the capture area via a bank of 7 high-resolution displays, including 2 views from Microsoft Kinect™ capture systems.

The system is normally configured to capture a 3D model of a full human body, in a wide variety of poses. Since the capture time is so fast - 2ms in fact, fast motions such as jumping or skipping can be accurately captured.
It's also possible to reconfigure a subset of the system's cameras to form a dedicated hand or head capture system, as the camera pods are also used in 3dMD's other product configurations.
To date we've taken over 8000 scans, and have an ongoing trial program. We are always looking for volunteers, and you can sign up to participate on our trials page.