Andrew Jaegle
Advisor: Michael Black
Drew is a PhD candidate (2012-present) in Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania and a visiting researcher in the Perceiving Systems department of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen (2015). His research is focused on uncovering the computational principles underlying the organization of networks of cortical neurons to develop general approaches to solving computer vision problems. At Penn, he is investigating computational approaches to understanding visual motion processing under the supervision of Diego Contreras and Kostas Daniilidis.
Office: MRZ 1.A.20
Joël Janai
Advisor: Andreas Geiger
Office: MRZ 1.B.12
Scenes from Video Workshop, Barossa Valley, Australia, Dec. 10-13, 2013
New BMI visualizer on-line. Visualize your BMI and learn how BMI relates to body shape using our 3D body visualization tool.
The 3D shape of the human body is useful for applications in fitness, games and apparel. Accurate body scanners, however, are expensive, limiting the availability of 3D body models. We present a method for human shape reconstruction from noisy monocular image and range data using a single inexpensive commodity sensor (the Kinect).