4D capture means 3D mesh capture over time. Our unique, custom-designed system captures 3D human body shape at 60 frames per second. Built for us by 3dMD (Atlanta, GA), the system uses 22 pairs of stereo cameras, 22 color cameras, and custom speckle projectors.

The speckle patterns allow accurate stereo reconstruction of 3D shape. This speckle pattern alternates at 120fps with large white-light LED panels that provide a smooth nearly uniform illumination.

This facility enables us to study body shape in motion, understand how bodies deform, and to capture the dynamics of soft tissue motions at high spatial and temporal resolution.

With the world’s only true 4D body scanner we have captured bodies in motion in ways that have never been seen before. Our custom protocols and software are providing new insights into body shape and motion for graphics, medicine, psychology, and computer vision.

4d_capture_1 4d_capture_2 4d_capture_3

Photo credit: Wolfram Scheible